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It’s time sell and move up to your dream home, but years of wear and tear have left your home a little rough around the edges.

This is an exciting time, but before you invest in your dream home, you want to make sure you’ve maximized the equity in your current home.

After all, this is likely your largest financial asset, and you’re going to need the proceeds of this sale to help purchase your dream home.

But as you look around, you realize your home is a long way from being “market ready”.  The repairs, updates, and clutter have piled up and it’s clear that you won’t be able to tackle this on your own.

You know you’re going to need help, but where do you begin?

You’re right to want your home to look it’s best before sticking a sign in the yard and you deserve an expert in your corner helping guide you through this process.

You need someone to do more than take pictures and handout brochures.

Frankly, your home needs some attention, so taking some photos and slapping it online just isn’t going to cut it–especially if you want to get top dollar.

With this much money on the line, you want to ensure you’ve done everything you can to maximize your sale.  Hitting the market before your home is ready can massively impact your ROI and delay your move.

You deserve an expert with the experience and know-how to help prepare your home for market so you can sell for the highest possible price in the fewest days on market.

That’s where we come in.

Our hands-on approach is designed to uncover the beauty of your home, communicate its value to buyers, and command top dollar.

We start by adding physical value to your home by investing in the proper preparations at no out-of-pocket cost to you.  We focus solely on the repairs and updates that will deliver the highest ROI, so that no time or money wasted.

When it’s time to hit the market, we utilize decades of knowledge and experience in the Oakley area along with current market data to properly position your home.  Our cutting-edge marketing strategies and years of negotiating experience are designed to get you the highest possible price in the fewest days on market.

Our process works and we make it a seamless, simple experience for you.  This is why our clients have trusted us with over $150 million in real estate sold in the Oakley area.

What to Expect with Jaime and Cheryl:

1.  Initial Phone Call

We will cover your goals and answer your questions. If it seems like a fit, we will get some basic information about your property and schedule your Strategic Marketing Consultation.

2.  Strategic Marketing Consultation

In 60-90 minutes, we will revisit your goals in detail and outline our step-by-step strategy for getting you the highest possible price in the fewest days on market. We will do a walk-through of your property and create a strategic plan to get you the results you deserve. If home preparations are needed to get your home in show-ready condition, we will discuss the process for completing those projects. We will also go over specifics you need to know about selling your property, legal paperwork, and provide you with relevant market statistics.

3.  Pre-Marketing and Going Live

If home preparations are needed, that’s priority number one. For those that need help in this area, we offer a complete Home Preparation Service and can complete the needed home repairs and updates at no out-of-pocket cost to you.

Once home is ready, we hit the market with a strategic pricing and marketing plan designed to drawn in buyers and command top-dollar.

4.  Accepting Offers

Upon receiving offer(s), we leverage decades of negotiating experience to secure the best possible price and make sure you fully understand the terms of the sale.

5.  Closing

 We make sure all of the details are handled and maintain constant communication so that you can move on to your next chapter quickly and smoothly–without surprises.


If you’re ready to find your dream home, but feeling stuck in pile of clutter and maintenance, now is the time seek help.

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To your success!

Jaime and Cheryl Gonzalez